New rotor for microtiter plates of 80 mm

The trends to use microtiter plates for all kind of procedures, such as PCR tests, it is certainly useful for the high number of results obtained in a single process. The use of this kind of supports all along the process, determines the work of the equipment involved having to be dimensioned for the different dimensions of the plates.

For centrifuges, the main issue is processing high height of the plates, which can reach above 80 mm. Both, centrifugation chamber space and accessories must be designed for these types of supports.

In this sense Ortoalresa launches its new rotor, RT 245 available for refrigerated centrifuge Consul 21 R, which can reaches 4.500 RPM / 3.578 x g and it is suitable for different combinations of individual or stacked plates up to 80 mm in height.
The versatility of Ortoalresa centrifuges is express once again, with the development of accessories that evolve with the lab process.